Hello, I’m Stefan, the Urban Design Doctor. I help people to better understand and apply urban design principles to new developments

I specialise in providing urban design advice and training to local planning authorities, developers and Homes England, the government's housebuilding agency.

Concept design and masterplanning

Design Codes and Gateway Codes®

Local authority design support

Design Mediation

Expert Witness in Planning Appeals

Training, research and study tours

Design Reviews

Post completion audits

Community and Stakeholder Engagement — from face to face workshops to digital

Guidance and support, 

free of jargon

“Stefan has extensive experience of working on major developments, identifying and resolving design issues effectively and efficiently. His technical expertise is there to be seen and so is Stefan’s tenacity and passion for design”

Christine Fisher Chief Executive (retired)
North West Leicestershire District Council

Building for a Healthy Life is the country's most widely used design tool for new build residential and mixed use developments. Building for a Healthy Life is endorsed by NHS England, Homes England, Home Builders Federation, Living Streets and the Urban Design Group.

Building for a Healthy Life is cited in the government's National Planning Policy Framework (2021).

Paragraph 133 states, "Local planning authorities should ensure that they have access to, and make appropriate use of, tools and processes for assessing and improving the design of development. These include workshops to engage the local community, design advice and review arrangements, and assessment frameworks such as Building for a Healthy Life."

Streets for a Healthy Life is the companion guide to Building for a Healthy Life.

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