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“Back in 2007 we were highlighted by CABE as one of the poorest authorities when it came to regulating design quality.

Our Council leader had a professional interest in design and was determined to put it at the centre of the Council’s planning function. Through the creation of Stefan’s post (Principal Urban Designer), plus managerial leadership, within ten years CABE recognised us as one of the best. Stefan has extensive experience of working on major developments, identifying and resolving design issues effectively and efficiently. His technical expertise is there to be seen and so is

Stefan’s tenacity and passion for design. Always willing to develop knowledge and awareness of the importance of design, Stefan brings positivity and energy to achieving the right outcome.

Whilst others played a part in our success, we only could have achieved our national reputation with the ability of Stefan to ensure every day the design vision was a reality. This constantly displayed his strength of character and beliefs – Stefan in one word… inspirational.”

Christine Fisher Chief Executive (retired), North West Leicestershire District Council

“We first worked with Stefan when he was urban designer at South Derbyshire District Council over 10 years ago.

From the outset it was refreshing that Stefan was prepared to take the time to understand the development process from a housebuilder’s perspective and debate the various issues that we have from time to time. These issues can sometimes limit our ability to deliver everything that is asked of us.

We worked with Stefan on understanding the human side of our developments and how day to day life could function better. It soon became clear that we were both trying to get to the same place and create developments with a positive legacy.

We followed Stefan as his career moved him to North West Leicestershire where the Leader of the Council shared Stefan’s aspiration to raise the design quality of new development. 

Throughout his time at North West Leicestershire, Stefan showed tremendous results. Over a 10 year period he changed the quality of the built environment. Every scheme that had his influence was substantially better as a place – and much better than it would have otherwise been.We have continued to work with Stefan as his career has evolved through academia and we regularly ask him to advise us on how we can improve our own schemes. We commission Stefan as a facilitator to move complex projects forward – we’re always on the same page though we might get there by slightly different routes.

For most doctors, the success or failures of their work become irrelevant after 40 years or so, as all their patients will ultimately expire. The effect of Dr. Stefan’s work will live on, way beyond your average medical practitioner.”

James Wilson Group Managing Director, Davidsons Developments Limited

“We have worked with Stefan for a number of years now on a range of projects; from bespoke residential developments, to large strategic projects and new settlements.

He has brought a wealth of experience and advice which has been invaluable is helping us to ensure excellent quality and design.

His input is always creative, reliable, and timely; and he always brings a fresh perspective which has helped us to raise design standards. Highly recommended, and we will certainly be hoping for the relationship to continue.”

Cat Hartley Group Manager – Planning & Economic Development, Blaby District Council

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